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COVERING UKRAINE: The Scott Ritter Interviews Through the Eyes Of Ania K - Autographed by Scott Ritter

COVERING UKRAINE: The Scott Ritter Interviews Through the Eyes Of Ania K - Autographed by Scott Ritter

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*Please Note: Deliveries of this item will beging approximately July 14, 2024.

Covering Ukraine: The Scott Ritter interviews through the Eyes Of Ania K. is a unique and timely addition to the literature on the conflict in Ukraine. It offers a fresh look at complex problems that will empower and entertain the reader with new insights and sharp analysis of a war few understand—which as such is doomed to continue in perpetuity, the living manifestation of the age-old adage, “You can’t solve a problem if you do not first properly define what the problem is.”

In this book, Ania K. and I embark on a journey to properly define the problems manifest in the Ukraine conflict, and together, we struggle to find a solution.

“Scott Ritter is an American treasure. No one on this side of the Atlantic has articulated a clearer or more thorough understanding of Russian history and culture. In this small book, he has put together a lucid and powerful attack on the Biden administration ignorance of all things Russian and consequent folly in Ukraine. Do yourself a favor and read it. Even though I know Scott well, I couldn’t put this book down. On its pages you will see courage personified and the lessons of history made manifest.” HON. ANDREW P. NAPOLITANO, Host of Judging Freedom podcast and Senior Judicial Analyst for NewsMax

Scott Ritter’s voice has been essential for piercing through the lies behind the U.S.-NATO proxy war in Ukraine, and his regular conversations with Ania K are a critical example of both the information and transnational cooperation we need to get humanity closer to peace.” DANNY HAIPHONG, Host of “The Left Lens with Danny Haiphong” podcast

”This riveting account delves beyond headlines and statistics, offering a poignant exploration of the human experiences and strategic maneuvers that define this ongoing struggle. Through meticulously researched narratives and exclusive interviews, the book unveils the raw truths behind the war.” NIMA ROSTAMI ALKHORSHID, Host, Dialogue Works

“There is no greater American authority on this war, the Russian military and the American Empire than Scott Ritter, and this book’s interview style makes that apparent. This is a necessary book full of thought and insight into war and geopolitics. Scott and Ania’s conversations delve into the deeper, psychological reasons for what we see occurring in terms of individuals, nations and history, making this book invaluable” MATTHEW HOH, Former U.S. Marine officer and Diplomat, and current peace activist

COVERING UKRAINE: The Scott Ritter Interviews, through the Eyes Of Ania K. is a brilliant piece that provides readers with a deep understanding of Russia’s Special Military Operation through the experience and personal context of an experienced Western military intelligence professional. Those who have little or no military background will easily develop an emotional and spiritual bond with Ania and readily identify with her concerns about the dangers of an expanded conflict that can spiral out of control. I highly recommend this work and genuinely hope that it quickly spreads throughout the Western world.” GARLAND NIXON, host, NewsViews with Garland Nixon

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